If you have a problem that can be solved using engineering techniques and a bit of creativity, then we offer problem-solving services, leading to the development of anything from one-off custom solutions to high-volume product developments.

We also offer the specific services of:

    Computer Aided Design (CAD) services

    Mechanical services:

    • In-house prototype machining services (4-axis milling)

    Electronic Design services:

    • Schematic design
    • Expert manual PCB routing up to 12-layers
    • High-frequency digital logic boards (e.g. HDI & Impedance-controlled builds)

    Electronic product PCB population and test services:

    • In-house IR-reflow
    • Solder-paste screen printing
    • Manual pick-and-place
    • BGA rework
    • Microscope-aided manual soldering (down to 0402 size)

    FPGA Design and IP-Core development in VHDL

    • Altera Quartus Prime
    • Achronix ACE
    • Lattice Diamond
    • Microsemi Libero
    • Xilinx ISE & Vivado
    • Synopsys Symplify Pro (for Synthesis)

    FPGA Testbench development in VHDL & C++ co-emulation (via VHPI)

    • Active-HDL
    • ModelSim

    DSP algorithm develoment services

    • Texas Instruments DSPs

    Computer Programming

    • Visual Studio C, C++, C#

    Artificial Intelligence Programming services

    • Neural Networks
    • Voice Recognition
    • Image Recognition

    Robot design services

    • Factory automation robotics and CNC machines
    • Search-and-Rescue robotics
    • Scientific Exploration robotics
    • Reconnaissance robotics
    • Medical robotics
    • Entertainment industry robots
    • All-terrain robots (e.g. legged robots and snake-like robots)