Electronics Lee Technology offers design services for electronic circuit development, which is linked to our PCB design capability. We have specific expertise in the design of low-noise analog circuitry, high-speed (impedance controlled) digital circuitry and high-power circuitry (motor control of DC, Steppers etc.).

We are well versed in designing circuits to comply with all relevant standards for EMC, RoHS and WEEE. We design for ease of manufacture, longevity of the design, and with the automated testing and in-circuit programming requirements in mind. Wherever possible, our products will be designed to be easy to recycle at the end of the product's life cycle.

PCB We not only create the circuit schematics and the PCB layout, but we also create component libraries that include 3D models of each component. This means that a CAD model of the populated PCB can be imported into the mechanical CAD software, allowing for the enclosure moulding and other mechanical components and mechanisms to be clearance tested.

Your product will be developed by a fully qualified IET Chartered Engineer with over 20 years of design experience.